About the Artist

I'm a young woman, married with two dogs, and currently live in South Florida. 
I've been artistic and creative for as long as I can remember. I've taken art classes throughout my life, but still basically self taught. My mother is extremely artistic as well so it seems it was passed down to me. I remember being so amazed when I was little and seeing what she could do with just a pencil and paper, or a paint brush and some paints; it was magical and I knew I wanted to be an Artist. 

I spent years in corporate jobs and just drawing portraits in my spare time, but I was laid off some years back and decided to focus on my talent again. I've never liked working for someone else and have always had the entrepreneurial bug in me. I've also always loved creating, drawing and designing things since I was a child. Etsy and the Internet as a whole have been a great venue to channel that energy. 

The inspiration for my modern wood art came when I got a new home and needed to decorate it. I bought all this cool, modern decor -- furniture, rugs, lamps, etc -- but couldn't find anything I really loved to put on my walls that would match with my style. This was when I decided I wanted to handcraft wall art that I myself would want to buy-- art that made a statement, looked expensive, decorative and modern, but also art that wouldn't break the bank either. Any time I did find a great piece of modern art, it was over $500-1000 and it was even a print most times. This was when ModWoodArt was conceived and I decided to open up my own business of modern wall art.

ModWoodArt creates modern, unique pieces of wall art for your home, office, or anywhere you have a blank wall. I design and craft pieces that cannot be found at any retail store. Creating modern, fun, timeless pieces that you can enjoy forever is my goal - my pieces are built to last and made with love.

I take pride in all the pieces that I create-- I believe every little detail is extremely important… from designing, creating, packing and shipping. I strive to always give my customers a piece he or she will love.

The influence and philosophy of my art is drawn from modern design, mid century modern design, minimalism, industrialism, and scandinavian art.


I'm big into things that are "different" and made of good quality materials. I've always imagined creating art with metal accents but didn't think canvas would be a suitable base, so that's when I thought about using wood. I also love raw, organic materials. I took a trip to my local lumber supplier and looked through their stock and decided on using their quality solid pine wood panels. The wood I use for each piece is solid, sanded, treated and lightly stained so that the natural wood grain still shows through. I then buy large sheets of sheet metal and hand cut each accent piece with cutting shears. Some Artists use laser-cutting machines but I personally like the handmade, organic look of hand cut materials. I paint the designs using acrylic paints and finish off with applying a scratch protectant and installing hanging hardware.

Many more pieces are coming soon so stay tuned!