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Mod Wood Art | Linear Dimension 48x24

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Original Art by Laura Ashley
"Linear Dimension", 2015

This piece is created by hand painting multi-colored vertical stripes onto a stained solid wood base, which has been lightly stained a gray tone to still show the natural wood grain. It's also accented with vertical sheet metal strips. 

All metal is hand cut. 
The sides of the wood base are painted black for a more finished look.

I finish each piece by applying 2-3 coats of a Polyurethane wood protectant to protect the wood and prevent scratches.

The size is 48x24 and is 3/4 of an inch in depth.

All pieces have been handcrafted with love. Signed and dated on back.


Photos may not be to scale.
Background photo credit: The Design Chaser
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